Cabbage Crusher Options

Oh, this little tool, a cabbage crusher, can come in handy! But, do you know how to use it and are you going to buy the right one?  If you are looking to make sauerkraut, having one will not only make your life easier, but it will also improve the end result. Making sure your cabbage is tamped into your container is paramount to good sauerkraut. You can read all about making sauerkraut in my previous article.

Cabbage Crusher

Loose cabbage before using the cabbage crusher

You will need to cut, slice, or chop your cabbage. You will also want to knead, pound, and “crush” it to make the best sauerkraut.

Shredded Cabbage
All the cabbage in a bowl, pot, or some sort of vessel that can hold the entire batch.

the cabbage crusher will be used when adding the cabbage to the fermentation container

After the cabbage is worked over really well, moving your loose cabbage from a large container into a fermentation vessel is much easier when you use a cabbage crusher.

Mash With a Cabbage Crusher
This can be quite a workout. There is actually a tool designed to help you with this, called a cabbage crusher. I use my hands!

Crushing Cabbage

You want to move a few handfuls at a time. After every few scoops, use the cabbage crusher to “crush” the cabbage tightly into the jar or crock. Don’t fill it too full, you need room for a weight and added liquid. Once the jar is nearly full, you want to add a weight or spacer to hold the cabbage down and then add the remaining juice. Be sure to leave about an inch of space at the top.

Fill Your Fermenter
Add the mashed cabbage to your fermenter. I use a funnel to minimize the mess. You also need to firmly mash the cabbage into the jar. Don’t do it too hard, you will break the jar. A cabbage crusher is a great tool for this step too!

There are many available options for cabbage crushers

Take your pick!

Nourished Essentials Kraut Crusher – The Perfect Sauerkraut Pounder for Homemade Sauerkraut & Kimchi – Use in Fermentation Crocks and Wide Mouth Mason Jars — Made from Solid Olive Wood

The Kraut Crusher Simplifies Homemade Sauerkraut & Kimchi

A Quicker Way to Pound, Pack, & Tamper Cabbage

If you’re the least bit familiar with small-batch fermentation, then you know how much WORK is involved in producing a delicious ferment… especially if you’ve tried to pack down your cabbage by hand before!

And as with any quality tool, you quickly realize how much easier it makes your life once you give it a try.

Whether you like to make a few quarts of sauerkraut at a time or less, you’ll appreciate the EFFORT and TIME it saves you- this is true even if you make your ferments in regular mason jars.

The Perfect Tool for Producing Consistently Delicious Results

This sauerkraut stomper does more than just pack your veggies into a jar. It also ensures that there are NO air bubbles in your ferments.

Part of the reason it does this is because the wood tapers out at the end so you can completely reach the edges of your container.

Not to mention, the handle fits comfortably in your hand which gives you maximum leverage at any angle.

Coated Wood Keeps Undesirable Bacteria OUT

When it comes to lacto-fermentation, you know how important it is to create a contaminant-free environment. That’s precisely why we opted to source a natural hardwood- instead of using chemicals to coat it.

To keep your ferments protected, we recommend that every once in a while, you coat the wood with olive oil to maintain its healthy moisture content.

It’s like with anything that you want to last a long time, you need to care for it in the right ways. As fermenters, you appreciate this more than most people.

Recipes & Tips Included

Within our 30-page getting started guide, discover comprehensive recipes and expert tips for problem-solving all sorts of fermenting issues.

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