In the beginning…

As I explore my own kitchen, I want to share with you my recipes, techniques, and insights.  When I first started to make my own jerky and pickles, it wasn’t always easy to find resources.  It motivated me to create this site.

I surely will be making pickles and beef jerky.  If done with health in mind, they both can be healthy snacks.  That’s not my primary draw toward them though.  For me, beer fits nicely into that equation.  So, I will be cooking, curing, pickling, and maybe even brewing!  Some of this is new to me, so you are along for the ride.  Some of this I have done before and you can watch me attempt to perfect my craft.

Snacks and beer are like peas and carrots for me.  I will share with you my thoughts and adventures.

Is there anything better than some delicious beer, pickles, and jerky?  Could I live on only that?

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